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What is Office-Type Teeth Whitening ?

The office-type teeth whitening method is a teeth whitening method that gives results in a shorter time than home-type teeth whitening, which can be applied by a doctor in a clinical setting.

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Aesthetic Dentistry

Dental treatments and dental applications can be performed for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes. Aesthetic Dentistry includes various procedures that are performed to have a completely perfect smile.

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Zirconia is a treatment performed in place of the sour outer tissue applied to a substructure consisting of a zirconium alloy, i.e. zirconium oxide. The increasing aesthetic expectation along with the developing technology.

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Laminated veneer lumination treatment, which is one of the aesthetic dental treatment techniques, colloquially means leaf veneer. Laminated veneers are thinner than other types of veneers, and the cutting.

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A dental implant is a screw made of titanium or zirconium that is compatible with the human body. It is a titanium screw technique used to make dental prosthesis in existing tooth deficiencies.

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What is a Dental Implant?

Today, dental implants, which have become the most preferred treatment option for regaining the function and aesthetics of the lost teeth, are; They are artificial tooth roots made of titanium material.